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Minangkabau International Airport Predicted Rp 35 Billion Loss

General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura II (Limited) Minangkabau International Airport, Rian Hadihito, said since the operation in 2005, the airport has never been profitable. "This year the estimated loss of USD 35 billion," he said when met at his office, Tuesday, March 26, 2013.

He said that last year the airport has experienced a loss of Rp 18 billion. Losses, Rian said, not as much as expected, which is USD 29 billion. Whereas in 2011, the Minangkabau International Airport lost Rp 25 billion.
Rian said the new airport could generate income if it has 30 thousand passengers per day. "While it's only 3000-4000 passengers per day. Still far away," he said.He also expressed the class airports are still not able to match the Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta. "Although international airport is still classified as class two," he said.He explained that the airport grouping into certain classes organized by the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) of the Ministry of Transportation. Rian said a new airport can be termed as a first-class airport if it has at least 2.5 million passengers per year. Meanwhile, he said, the number of passengers at Minangkabau International Airport has not reached that figure.Rian also said the airport has implemented international standards. However, facilities and infrastructure are still modest. He said, as long as this is the mindset in determining the quality of a facility and the airport is aesthetic. "If the facility criterion, we gave up," he said.Although still modest equipped infrastructure, Rian sure standards applied Minangkabau International Airport is not inferior to other international airports in Indonesia. "If the infrastructure later anyway simple, not fancy, it's another matter," he said.He memgatakan far Minangkabau Airport managed funds worth Rp 12 billion per year. Therefore, says Rian, Minangkabau International Airport could not be compared to other international airports in Indonesia that have management fees to $ 100 billion per year.

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