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  • He cried Old City Surabaya Tourism Circuit

    Saturday, 03/30/2013 12:23
    Who said that Surabaya had no city like Jakarta and Semarang old? The old city Surabaya is not less beautiful and attractive. Traveled to get there, like the days of yore carried away. Exciting!
  • Easy Traveling with Assistance in Smartphone Applications

    Monday, 25/03/2013 00:00 Lots of things to do when we are traveling to a place. Ranging from hunting good food, shopping souvenirs, enjoy the beauty of nature, admiring the historic architecture
  • Bromo the magnificent mist-covered

    Saturday, 03/30/2013 11:01
    Bromo mountain region is already one of the magnet attraction in East Java. Although the visit during the rainy season and full of fog, charm Bromo remains riveting.
  • Oro Beach, The Not Touched in Sumba

    Friday, 29/03/2013 15:30
    There are beautiful in southwestern Sumba, NTT. Oro Beach man who was rarely touched. No two beautiful and lonely, makes you like being on a private beach.
  • Images of Life & Beauty at Kawah Ijen

    Friday, 29/03/2013 13:32
    Kawah Ijen is located in Mount Ijen, East Java, offers beauty both in the morning and night. In the midst of a dazzling beauty, there are also stretching the life, a portrait of the lives of the miners brimstone.
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