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Submarine Monument Pasopati 410 KRI

Submarine Monument Pasopati 410 KRI


 Submarine Monument KRI Pasopati 410, or often abbreviated as Monkasel, a submarine museum located in Embong Kaliasin, tiles, Surabaya. Located in the city center, the monument is actually a submarine KRI Pasopati 410, one of the Indonesian Navy fleet made ​​the Soviet Union in 1952.

The submarine was never involved in the Battle of Aru Sea to liberate West Irian from the Dutch occupation. Submarine Monument KRI Pasopati 410 is not a replica of the monument, this submarine fleet is one of the East Division.

Construction of the monument began in July 1995, marked the first East Java Governor, Mr. Basofi Soedirman doing groundbreaking ceremony for the foundation. At the same time, KRI Pasopati 410 was sliced ​​into 16 sections in PT. PAL Indonesia. Then recreated piece by piece and placed on a foundation of the monument.

Monkasel officially opened on July 15, 1998 and has operated as one of the attractions in Surabaya. Submarine is then brought ashore and used as a monument to commemorate the bravery of the heroes of the liberation of West Irian Indonesia. The monument is located in Youth Road, right next Plasa Surabaya.

Also in this place there is also a movie, which displayed the wars in the Aru Sea. If you want to visit these attractions you will also be accompanied by a local guide there contained
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