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incredible!!! .. it's an appropriate word, when we look at art sculpture shadow

 An artist from the Netherlands, Diet Wiegman, has spent 50 years to compose pieces of junk and scrap metal into works of sculpture shadow of a very beautiful and detailed.

Dutch artist Diet Wiegman has spent 50 years carefully arranged pieces of junk and scrap metal to create beautiful sculptures and shadow detail.

Overview, design artwork Diet is similar to ordinary pile of garbage and debris. Initially, you might think that there really is nothing special about the work.

However, turn the projector so small Diet that always accompanies his work, an amazing shadow appeared behind him. Clearly, the Diet has spent much of his time with the patient to set every little part of his statue, to make sure they can reflect the exact shadow when light is shone on her.

photo by Diet Wiegman
 Documentation Diet work done by a filmmaker who is also from Holland, Mike Redman. Not one word spoken in the film, but the work of this remarkable artist was able to prove that it is fabulous.

"Diet Wiegman's work has always fascinated me. Through art, he invites the audience to see the so-called ordinary objects with the situation in different ways, which in turn makes them look unique," I'm Mike, as reported Odditycentral (23/3).

photo by Diet Wiegman

 Diet is certainly not the only artist who specializes in creating complex light sculpture. However, he has done a lot for his work and is considered as one of the pioneers of the technique is interesting.

Come see the unique art of sculpture shadow in this video

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