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Wisata Bali :: Tour ke Tanah Lot BaliTourism in Bali it is still a destination of tourists come to Indonesia, as Bali is a tourist / holiday that is filled with all the unique, diverse customs, all kinds of local crafts, cultural attractions, and the wonderful attractions of the island.

Bali Tours Club, providing cheap holiday packages in Bali, especially the tour we offer, of course, is the tour packages that appeal to wistawan, no adventure, full and half day packages Bali tour packages, marine tourism, and other tour packages in Bali

Wisata Bali :: Tour ke Kintamani Bali             Wisata Bali :: Tour ke Tanah Lot Bali    Wisata Bali :: Tour ke Air terjun Gitgit Bali

Kintamani Tour: The Beauty of Lake Batur Kintamani: Rp 200rb/pax

Bedugul Tour: and the beautiful sunset at Tanah Lot: Rp 200rb/pax

Gitgit Tour: The atmosphere is cool waterfall Gitgit: Rp 215rb/pax
Bali Rafting : Sungai Ayung            Bali Rafting : Telaga Waja     Watersport - Uluwatu tour

Bali Rafting: Enjoy the beauty of the Ayung River: Rp 270rb/pax

Bali Rafting: Challenging the swift river Telaga Waja: Rp 270rb/pax
Holidays Bali: Uluwatu water sport coupled with the tour: Rp 200rb/pax
Fast boat: Kapal Cepat ke Gili
Kapal Pesiar Bali: Quicksiver Cruise
Odyssey Submarine Bali

Fast Boat: Ships quickly from Bali to Gili - Lombok: Rp 450rb/pax
   Quicksilver Cruise: Cruise to Nusa Penida: Rp 650rb/paxOdyssey Submarine: Submarine, in Labuan Amok: Rp 520rb/pax

Private Villa in Bali cheap - Free: airport transfer, shuttle, breakfast, welcome drink

Bali Tours Club

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