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Port Kalimas, traditional port


Wisatanesia.com-Port Kalimas, traditional port Kalimas now in use as a place of loading / unloading of goods - goods ocean with a barge ship - barge and boat boat.Surabaya is a city that for centuries colonized by the Dutch, then the shape of the building itself is heavily influenced by European styles. In the Netherlands itself has many channels. Because.....
many have the channel, of course, here and there a lot of built bridges. Starting from ordinary bridge, suspension bridge or drawbridge up ophaalburg. Surabaya is also about the same even though the canals in Surabaya is not as much as in the Netherlands.First date, merchant ships large can only apply in Madura Strait waters alone but rather approaching Surabaya. So, to unload or load cargo items are used barges or boats schooner.After the small ships to load stuff in the middle of the sea, ships also speedily tracked Kalimas to reach the main port at the time was the port city of Surabaya. And that location is the heart of the city.With a name Heeresentraat (now located around the Eagles and Fireworks Jepun) which is the central business of loading and unloading. Between the two roads, the existing bridge spanning above Kalimas. And the bridge was called Brug Roode or Red Bridge. At that time, the Port of Tanjung Perak does not exist, while the sea port in the estuary Kalimas.The area along the Kalimas divided into 2 parts, the Westerkade Kalimas (West of Kalimas) and Osterkade Kalimas (East of Kalimas) or so-called citizens of Surabaya area Kulon times and wetan times. Regional wetan times are local trade, from Flower Jepun, Cantikan, Kapasan, to the North towards the KH Mansyur (Pegirian, Nyamplungan etc.). Which include areas such as roads Kulon times Gresik, Kalisosok and around Tanjung Perak West.Along the river Kalimas 1925, many factories stood an industrial sector in the city of Surabaya. Essence of cultural heritage is not really an icon of a city. More than that is a valuable artifact. If we trace the Surabaya city surrounded by rivers that connect small and large rivers.In the present manifested as a tourist spot that needs to be preserved and developed, to commemorate Kalimas river as a place of trade and water harbor, where mangkalnya small boats along the river Kalimas and citizen participation in maintaining the cleanliness of the river along Kalimas Surabaya City Government backed by organizing various activities including ornamental boat.Tourism Indonesia Heaven on Earth.read more>>